Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Complete Athlete - Identifying Your Weaknesses

In Part 1 of thise series, we defined the many elements of being a successful athlete and called them the “Essential Ingredients.” Now that those elements have been presented, we can address the other side of the equation; identifying your weaknesses or “limiters.”

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

AthletiCamps Makes the NY Times!

Nice to see that AthletiCamps made the cut in the monthly New York Times magazine called "Play." A writer for the Times called us about 6 weeks ago while investigating a story and he then went on to list AthletiCamps as one of 4 possible camp destinations. We are honored!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

AthletiCamps Adds Two More Performance Tours for 2007

AthletiCamps added two more Performance Tours for 2007. The first will be October 4th - 7th; the second on November 8th - 11th. Performance Touring targets individuals who want more of a cycling challenge than the typical luxury cycling tour can offer. Rides are designed to help bring you to a higher level of cycling proficiency, ranging from 50 - 100 miles per day, with proportional amounts of elevation gain. Participants can obtain feedback on their riding technique, and will be provided with the included on and off bike informal coaching sessions. An experienced coach will be able to further assist you by creating an individually tailored training program should you wish to continue your improvement upon your return home.

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