Monday, November 05, 2007

Weekend Camp Summary - Incredible!

Sorry we you missed our last weekend camp. Hope you can make the next one scheduled for January '08! Here is a summary of what happened over the two days:
  • All athletes went thru Performance testing to determine their unique heart rate and power training zones. We do real lactate testing to help determine these numbers. Most books you read and camps you attend use formulas to estimate these important numbers. Not at AthletiCamps - we put each athlete thru physiological testing at EVERY camp.
  • We were honored to have Dr. Franco Navazio come on Saturday morning. Franco is a valuable resource and helped the athletes understand many medical components that are applied to sport. Thanks again Franco, we look forward to seeing you at the next camp.
  • Marlia Braun, our Sports Nutritionist gave 1.5 hour presentation on nutrition and sport. The relaxed, open discussion opened alot of athlete's eyes to the importance of nutrition on the bike.

  • Detailed review of testing results, overview of performance testing benefits, and training. Serves as an introduction to the training rides over the next couple days.

  • Great training ride on Saturday afternoon, that focused on recovery from hard efforts!

  • Sunday saw us do a 3 hour ride in the beautiful foothills. Temps were in the high 70's without a drop of wind. We reviewed specific workouts that all athletes could then go home and apply to their training programs.
  • The final event was an incredible presentation by Dr. Rob Schott, a local cycling/cardiologist. Rob focused on the benefits of a solid exercise program from a doctor's point of view. Needless to say, everyone was fascinated on how that they were learning at camp not only helps their performance, but also helps them live a long, healthy life.

What an incredible weekend of testing, riding, information and great food!

Hope to see you soon!
Bruce, Owner