Saturday, May 24, 2008

Congratulations to Steve Reid!

Congratulations goes out to one of our athlete's up north of the border  in Canada!  Steve captured a double in one weekend by first winning the 90K Bikes on Broadway road stage in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (welcome to Canada!)  This also allowed him to get his upgrade to Cat 3.  Yes, they do race bikes that far north and they are huge bike race fans.  We admire Steve's dedication and wish him continued success this season.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Three Steps to Better Cycling - June Workshop

AthletiCamps  will be leading a cycling workshop spread out over three dates that will teach athletes of ALL levels to train smarter.  Participants will learn their true lactate threshold, heart rate and power training zones and how to apply them to their riding during two on-bike instruction training sessions. 

Step 1 – Performance Test

Prior to the first training session date, sign-up for a private performance test with Bruce at a time that is convenient for you and your schedule.  This specific 30-minute test is one of the most powerful tools available to athletes today to help them focus and improve their cycling, leading to more enjoyment on the bike!  Your test will provide you with the information needed to ride smarter, including your true heart rate training zones.

Step 2 – Training Session #1 - Flat Terrain– 6:00 PM- Flower Farm (Loomis)

This two-hour on-the-bike training session will utilize specific data from your performance test to help you train more effectively on the flats.  Specific tips concerning intensity levels, cadences, and quantity of training will be discussed. 

Step 3 – Training Session #2- Hills – 6:00 PM – Flour Garden (Auburn)

This two-hour on-the-bike training session will also utilize specific data from your performance test to help you train more effectively in the hills.  Specific tips about climbing cadence and technique will be discussed that will allow you to leave this session with a clear understanding needed to become a better climber!

Sign up here...