Friday, October 03, 2008

Post-Season Homework

Staying with the theme of homework assignments, let’s discuss what immediate post race season tasks you can do with the goal of improving your overall performance in 2009. In general, there are two aspects of your review: looking back at this past season and looking forward to the next. The review should not be limited to the physical training of the sport. The non-racing season (versus calling it the off-season) is an excellent time to regroup and work on the elements of your game that are lacking. I use the term “non-race”, because as endurance athletes, the non-race season can be just as important as the race season. A lot of productive work can and should be done when racing and recovering is not the primary focus of your program. Here are a few of the many different elements you evaluate and plan for the upcoming months.....

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Grenier Takes the Gold in North Carolina!

Congratulations to Brian Grenier for his win this past weekend at the North Carolina 40K District TT Championships.  This was Brian's primary goal for the 2008 season.   His hard work and dedication paid off.  Congratulations again to Brian and continued success!