Monday, April 28, 2008

New Article Posted on Website - The Health Benefits of Cycling

Most frequently, coaches write about training and racing on a bike with the goal of improving an athlete’s performance.  Improving performance on the bike is why we dedicate so much time and sacrifice so much of our busy lives.  Performance improvement is very important and requires an immense amount of time, patience, and effort to attain.  But is it the only reason we ride and train? 

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Adrian said...

Hi Bruce, I can vouch for a number of the points you bring up in this article. When I started cycling in mid-2004 I was 255 lbs and very out of shape. After I started cycling, riding with a good group of guys, and began a better eating routine, I lost an initial 35 lbs in 9 months. I ultimately lost 50 lbs and have never felt better. So from a physiological perspective, cycling has been great for me. I'll be 44 next month and I have never been is better shape.

From a psychological perspective, cycling has also been a god sent. Nothing helps me deal with the negative physical aspects of stress than a good, long lasting exercise routine. I've recently gone through a stressful career change, and riding has been very good to me.

BTW, I find it laughable that the CDC considers the exercise threshold of 10+ minutes the benchmark to use as an exercise commitment threshold. Are they kidding.

Cresskill, NJ