Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Attend Camps - Get Upgrade Points!

Did you know that by attending one of our camps or clinics, you can qualify for upgrade points? The Northern California district of USA Cycling (NCNCA) allows upgrade points for certain categories. Here is a summary:

  • For Men's category 5's - Five mass start races of the ten needed to upgrade to category 4

  • For Men's and Women's category 4's - Three points towards your upgrade to category 3

Currently, this only applies to the Northern California district. If you are coming to camp from out of district, we recommend you contact your USA Cycling district representative and tell them how our district allows camps to count towards upgrade points. They may very well do the same thing, since it's something that is under district control.  You can contact us for more help.

This applies to all scheduled AND custom camps and clinics

Also - this is retroactive for the past two years. So, if you attended a camp in 2007 or 2008, please contact us for a certificate.

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