Monday, March 30, 2009

Announcing the AthletiCamps Race School

Bicycle racing is a difficult and challenging sport. Riders of all abilities who want to be successful in this sport need a diverse package and skills, knowledge and experience to make the most of their individual physical abilities. Most of a rider’s bike racing education is gained “on the bike” and this leaves many learning opportunities to chance along the way. We believe every rider can improve their racing performance more quickly by participating in a “full-immersion” program of race proven techniques and skills. The goal of each weekend Race School Camp is to flatten the learning curve and teach you the skills and techniques you need to be a more effective and successful rider.

With over 75+ years of combined racing and coaching experience, instructors Bruce Hendler (AthletiCamps owner), Kevin Metcalfe (Team Specialized Racing) and Larry Nolan (Team Specialized Racing) have developed a curriculum that will fill your bag of tricks with things that many riders will never learn in all their years of racing.

This is not a racing fitness program, although you will complete many hours of riding that will certainly benefit your conditioning. When you come to the AthletiCamps Racing School you will learn “how to” race your bike to make better use of the fitness you have and will build in the future. Come join us for a truly remarkable and rewarding experience and let us help you become a more successful bike racer.

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